David Fossat


When David Fossat learned that longtime friend Michelle Bird had bought a weathered home in West Iceland that needed immediated care, he said, “I am on my way.” She knew at once that he was serious. There were not any plane tickets available the next day, however, so David arrived ten days later ready to aid and support. “He has a great sense of loyalty and his dedication in completing a project is unyielding ,” Michelle said.

For his first two days in Bogarnes, David examined the property, identifying and resolving all pressing issues—cement cracks, dry rot, roof leaks, and faulty drainage. Then he used his decade of experience in home renovation to fix every problem he encountered. “In some ways,” Michelle said, “David is a lot like a house doctor. He sees what's needed and understands the root of the problem. Then he knows how to fix it.” Making the most of Iceland’s long summer days, he worked indefatigably until every hole and draft in the house was patched and sealed.

For David, the rewards for his labor were the relationships he built with his fellow workaway volunteers and being immersed in magnificent landscapes. During this time he also discovered his love for nature photography. “The bonding and the friendship were so important to him in this experience.” Michelle said. “He made friends. Lifelong friends.” David has decided to continue with workaway and travel the world.