Dominic Chenaux


During her ten days volunteering in Borgarnes, Dominic worked to achieve balance and harmony in the Sæunnargötu. After arriving she immediately cleaned the house from floor to ceiling. Everything that could be scrubbed was scrubbed and every ledge and shelf was dusted. But with a background in spiritual healing and experience with shamanist methods, Dominique knew that there was more than one way to clean a house. The house, she decided, needed spiritual cleansing as well. “She carefully wafted sage throughout the house and spiritually cleansed each room of any bad spirits.” Said host Michelle Bird. “Then she blessed the house and gave it good ju-ju. The house felt better afterwards. Like it was starting over fresh.”

Her skills as a healer continued to show in her other work in Borgarnes. She helped adopt a stray kitten named Freya from a nearby farm and acclimated the animal to her new home in town. According to Michelle, Dominique, “helped Freya get established in the house and also learned the neighborhood. She was a positive calming influence on the house. She served as a support and was very sensitive.” It was perhaps her sensitivity and awareness that most impressed Michelle. “She sensed what needed to be done and supported us where necessary. She was just so loving supportive and sisterly.”