Freya & Halle


Cat love is basically human love distilled to its most basic components. It is fickle and physical and uncomplicated. When cat lovers quarrel, they bite and scratch. And when they make love, they bite and scratch. And when they cuddle, they also bite and scratch. But always, they do it with an enviable amount of affection and honesty.

Freya comes from a family of hard-working, tough-as-stone farm cats from the Icelandic countryside. So when she arrived In Borgarnes, she had spent more time with horses and chickens than with artists and designers. She felt, at times, too unsophisticated for her new life. Her knowledge of contemporary art was limited; even though she clawed at collections of art history books, her lack of thumbs made it nearly impossible to turn to each page.

At the same time, a local semi-wild Icelandic cat named Halle arrived in the neighborhood after hearing of Freya’s country manners and beauty.  A stubborn traditionalist with a disregard for modern Icelandic social norms, Halle proposed marriage to Freya as soon as their whiskers met. “Yes,” she said through purrs that echoed from her soul.

In Halle, Freya found a link to her heritage and a mirror into her own existential struggles. Both were working to transition from the intense freedom of life outdoors to the comfort and consistency of life in an artist’s home. The transition was trying at times, but together, they have managed to become refined and classy without losing the wild cattitudes that makes them the felines they are today.