Samuele Rosso


Samuele brought his skills as a third generation carpenter to his workaway position in Iceland.  “Everyone benefited from his expertise and craftsmanship.  Having Samuele here was a true gift in many ways.” Said workaway host Michelle Bird.  Though he stayed in Borgarnes for just ten days, he accomplished a staggering amount of work. He constructed a new set of stairs, installed the subflooring in the art studio, and was integral in laying foundation and framing a cottage. Requiring little to no instructions, he works easily on his own or in a group.


Upon arriving at Michelle's home, he noticed the issues that needed attention and worked methodically to resolve them. By the time he left, broken door handles were replaced, the refrigerator was leveled, and a leaky water pipe was fixed. “He has a thorough understanding about how houses function.” Michelle added. “This home has flourished since Samuele arrived.”

Samuele takes the same caring approach to his other passion—India.  He has worked to help raise funds to support sponsoring children's education in Pondicherry, works on the Board of Directors of "Insieme Per l' India" (together for india) and has traveled to the country eight times to assist the NGO Community Seva Center. “I would like to be a writer, a photographer, a musician. Many things at the same time, perhaps too many.” Said Samuele Rosso about his aspirations. “So at the moment I’m happy to be a dreamer.” If Samuele’s time as a workaway volunteer in Borgarnes is an indication of his potential, he will find the time to do all these things and more.