Kuba Urbaniak


Kuba Urbaniak, brought skills & attentiveness to his workaway experience. As a graduate of art and design school, Kuba was able to create impeccably detailed plot prints of the house in Borgarnes. For two full days, he meticulously measured every corner and cranny of the home until he could make full architectural drawings. “Then he transferred all the dimensions to Autocad. Everything was accurate and according to architectural standards and norms.” said Michelle Bird. “Then he created three-dimensional visualizations of possible renovations to the house. They can be used for any future renovations. Kuba has a very good sense of design.”


Kuba hreturns again and again as a fundamental creator at Fluxus. He has hosted workshops as well as the Open MIC Sessions.

To see more of his creations: http://h-art-workers.tumblr.com/



Kuba gramophonee@gmail.com