Marcin Stachewicz


After ten days as a workaway volunteer in West Iceland, Marcin Stachewicz can add chandelier builder to his list of accomplishments. Using the care and precision honed by years as a seamster, Marcin constructed a post-industrial light fixture using repurposed bed springs and cake drying racks. “The workaway volunteers and I designed the chandelier.” said host Michelle Bird. “The thing just kind of grew. We got some steel wire from the steel factory downtown, and Marcin put it together. Handiwork is really understated in art work,” she continued. “And Marcin’s level of skill and care is just so high.”

Next he put his craft to work by designing and sewing two bench cushions made from repurposed fabrics—leftover curtains, Indian silk, the remnants of an old wedding dress, and even parts of the same bed used to make the chandelier. Both aesthetically and practically, the cushions fit wonderfully into the home. They serve as a perfect contrast to the raw, stark landscape of mountains and sea surrounding the house.